Loneliness and solitude since the day she let me go

Seeking out a different mood

And the song I did not know

I am not a quitter am a beginner

With the need to carry on

What is that I have begun?

Will be there when I’m gone

Yet still I do not understand loneliness

Nor can I say I may

But I do pity the lonely souls

Who has to feel this way?

A steady breeze is shifting clouds

A pink sky above the ocean

20 ft. above the water

On a Rock and my emotion

I know all humans have a mind

And the thought they called their own

And the still with all the thousand minds

How does it feel to feel to be alone?

Somebody things that must do

Before my time will end

And although many thoughts I have

You would never comprehend

I cry alone so none may see

The kind of man I’ve longed to be

One Sole (Some Place Alone)

Sitting on a rock

In the middle of the ocean

Opening the paperbacks

That leaves me no emotion

Myself me and I

Is my only company

Except hallucinations of

A woman by a tree

Paradox desires

For a city made of gold

Leaving out the details

Of old wives tales never told

A piece of a circle on

The edge of a square

Counting all the stars

on the sky I wish to share

Eating fish from the sea

Drinking water from the rains

Asking myself questions

But my answers are the same

Love myself so it’s for eternity

Only the crickets in the night

Care to speak to me

Never a dull moment

But soon I may go mad

Even then I shall adapt

To the things I never had


I sit on a corner with nowhere to go

I ask myself a question I really don’t know

              Talk to my shadow

               Blow a kiss to the air

          I wonder if I’ll find

          A certain someone who cares

I feel so deserted

In a crowd by myself

      Wishing for the doll

   That I may place on a shelf