A Little “ME” Time

I am convinced that there are two kinds of people. Those who feel guilty that they don’t work hard enough and work all the time simply out of guilt. Then there are those of us who work hard enough and keep working harder out of obsession. The latter is a workaholic. I am one of those. I never feel satisfied unless I reach my daily goal of 100 contacts and what is commonly know as “inbox 0.”

This weekend I took time to get out of town after a 7 month work binge where all I did was bust my butt working. That and the death of both parents took me deeper into a zone of pure work frenzy. The fourth of July is here and now it is me time. Although I am still compelled to begin this blog and make it more consistent, I find this to be me time. I sit relaxed with a cup of coffee, watching the kids play by the pool, as I meditate on the new refreshed me that will come back home sooner than I want. I imagine the big plans I have to develop into reality. Although my future ambitions are certain to have ups and downs I still condition myself to be aware of the now. This is me time. I am totally in the present and daydreaming. This is me time. I encourage my followers to believe in the possibility that no matter how bad the market sucks, no matter how big of an a-hole that client is, no matter how bad you screwed up, that you undoubtledy look back in a few years from now and wish you were still this young. You will forget that deal gone bad but you will never forget that time you took out for yourself to become a better you.