Thanksgiving Radio

I’m not sure if the feeling is melancholy or nostalgic but it is one of those two or both. I discovered a channel on Pandora radio called Thanksgiving radio and it encompasses the vibe I want to fell if I want to get when I want to get creative. I combines a feeling of folk and pop that grabs my spirit and thrusts me in to the moment. I suppose that is why I like the station so much.

I have recently discovered a booThanksgiving Radiok by a man named Eckhart Tolle called the Power of Now and I am hooked. The most interesting thing about this book is that is almost mirrors if not resembles my book, Life There’s an App ForThat. In my book I describe this same “Thanksgiving Radio” feeling as an “epiphany.” Little did I now that 20 years prior Eckhart had this same vibration and made sense of if by calling it the present.

As I search deeper into the spiritual world now that it appears I have self discovered it, I find that this connection to the present has been debated for centuries. It is the foundation of philosophers teaching like The Buddha and Jesus. This discovery led me to realize that I have a second book in the oven. It grabs those religions greatest leaders and the spiritual gurus and throws them into a blender and creates an old idea and makes it new.

I want to find that the one those call God, Allah, Messiah, Deliverer and Source are actually the same. They exist not as an individual with arms and legs but as an energy that channels itself in the form of words and feelings. These leaders have been well documented and I will revisit their words and translate them to make them relate-able to the Quanta I speak of.

If we have been exchanging the quanta atoms for billions of years then it is safe to say we are consuming the same materials. Just some choose to ignore it while others have been “touched” or “anointed” or “afflicted” by the desire to “channel” it and share it with the world. I will grab the text of those who have attempted to carry this message in books and reinvent the wheel. I will find that not only is there not a creator but that the creation already is. This will clearly make those who worship or adore a figure outside of themselves look inside and agree. They will no longer have to journey to a destination based on GPS coordinates but one identified by oxygen and blood held together by skin and bones.

I will expose the truth and confirm that all of the religions got it right. It is like a recipe for Thanksgiving Turkey. Some will deep fry because they wanted to break traditions. Some will want to stuff the bird and cook it at 375 for 7 hours. Some will choose to eat elsewhere, but all will eat Turkey. All will feel at home and relax in the love with the moment called now.

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