The Day You Went Astray

I am not begging. I asked a question and I had to know.

Like a child waiting for mother’s permission to go

Where did I lose myself? How Did you steal me away?image

I was on my way o bulletproof and lake the day I went astray

Pick up a talent here and a dash of adulthood…the enemy

How am I so aware and so gifted with so little left in me?

Never needed gold liquid to see the ocean but now even that does blind me

How to find me

I look for a areason to breath a season. makes no sense. I don’t repent.

Foreign lands understand what I demand, can you give me a hand?

Look up to see if you enter the bar. What for? Bartender! Close the door.

I wish no more, not now

Breast feeding and nasal spray take me away

Visine and a daydream, bad songs cannot stop what I mean

I gave an inch and the a mile, received the world so I gave a smile

May be that I gave you my last inch and you still have a galaxy to give to me

But my inch was eternit. Where can it be?

So now I inhale and the high has not changed so is it the same?

Did I stop cause the shame? Am I to blame?

Let my drink make my breath stink ad if it helps me think, then thank that drink

I choose to paint with gold. I chose to paint with gold.

Did I mention what has been told?

I may decide to ride with blue. What is it to you? Do you like it?

I did not ask if my art would sell I just ask to to tell me your opinion

Might be the shade of blue was not the hue that humors you but its true

Maybe that your pick would be thick red like a brick.

Then get a canvass and stand by my side. I have nothing to hide

My red splash on my palette. Borrow it. Don’t mix it. Don’t fix it.

The room may spin and the air get thin and I may not win. Is that a sin?

And in no way can I replay this day…no way

And the girl I recall first should than paint me down

I am dead

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