The Fire Inside of Me

Ideas rest uneasy in my head. I woke up this morning paralyzed in an unjustified fear and disorientation that held me captive for what felt like 5 minutes but was probably 30 seconds. I was also able to lucid dream last night. One of the best ways to know you are lucid dreaming is to try to count your fingers. It is impossible. In my dream I was with a few cops and we were stepping out of a surveillance van and I caught myself in the dream. I was trying to help the others realize the potential of their dreams and it worked. One flew immediately. Just as I was able to begin to fly I was also aware that I was going to be able to wake myself up.

This was a critical error. I sensed that I was going to wake up late and miss the morning by enjoying myself. I believe that by writing this I will call into existence the ability to disregard my concerns for time. I will ignore the responsibilities of the real world and allow the dream to manifest into a miracle.

You see, that when I lucid dream and I do it right, I am able to awaken from the dream with an echo of that limitless potential. One where I am a great singer and loved by all and I can fly and create great things and change the world.

This is that same flame that burns inside of me from the beginning of my awakening. Hints and glimmers of this ability to feel the unpretentious laws of the universe that state I am one with all and none can judge because we are one and the same.

Once I have that gift i am then no longer reluctant to express myself in the best way I spirit animal years to run wild. Under the influence of nature and drug free. Not hindered by the complacency and satisfaction of this day to day but to race through the tall grass in search of food and philosophy.

Maybe the animal kingdom can speak but chooses not to speak. Maybe they hold their tongues so that they can never be asked to concern themselves with that which holds us civilized and domesticated. They allow themselves to take shape just before conception in order to continue their journey as the deepest thinkers in existence.

I do believe that if it was not for the yearnings of the flesh I would not have the need to manifest into existence any objects or thought for profit or advantage. I would be content inside of my head. So long as I have a full belly. Just full enough to be a bit hungry in a few short naps or after an exploration of my surroundings.

The fire inside of me burns in many ways and with may colors. The heat strengthens and fades during the course of the day. There will be moments where the burning is uncontrollable and I reach for water and then others were it is nothing more than just the need to write about it.

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