The Five Gurus


I came to a conclusion recently that as an entrepreneur in this day and age there are far too many resources for success. YouTube is littered with people who have a camera and an opinion on how to live your life to its fullest potential. I realized when I was subscribed to over 500 you tube channels and 100 podcasts that I was actually doing harm to myself. Listening to too many people is not like reading too many books. you see in an Internet format like blog or Vlog or video or audio the creator freestyles verbal mind dump into a microphone. If they are good you will resonate with them. If the suck you will still feel compelled to listen but there will be a synical attitude towards thier words as you search for the wisdom. With a book however you know that they have made an effort to gather thier thoughts in a cohesive format and if this was done right the book is a success and gets recommended.

My five gurus are, not in any order these.

  1. Source energy. Call it god, Buddha, Christ or the creator this is that voice inside your head that needs to be guided by various sources until it satisfies your soul.

  2. Knowledge for dealing with the elements as the coalesce with the mental. These rotate from time to time based on my mood but the few that fall in this category would be Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Eckart Tolle, Alan Watts. You see s hierarchy yet?

  3. Business. As a business man I am very careful who I look to  because this space is crowded with scam artists and silver tongued charletons. The ones I find to inspire me to go into the world and fear no man in the face of climbing the ladder of success are many but few get a replay. Those that command my attention are Grant Cardone, Gary Vaynerchuck, Donald Trump (the real estate Donald not the president, so stop judging) Mark Cuban, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

  4. Body. Although I have been an amature physician since I was sixteen when I first bought a copy of Flex magazine I still look for those advisors who can keep me posted on the latest news and methods for staying healthy and inspired to eat better and stay fit. Podcasts like The Fat Burning Man with Abel James, Bullet Proof Radio,  and a YouTuber call  McGalligher and his Kinobody system seems to trigger my interest in getting off my ass. I also scramble around online looking at runners and cyclists like Lance Armstrong and Ryan Hall to inspire me to be great. This would also include artist like Casey Neistat and Vincent Van Gogh to inspire me to creat with this body. I also dabble in with the harmonica, the guitar, the saxophone and the Native American flute so I look to teachers and musicians that resonate with my desire to sing and play. Playfulness during creation is necessary for joyful dropping of my breadcrumbs of legacy when I am gone.

  5. Me. This is not narcissistic but defiantly ego based. I feel as if I have spent enough time learning that I can rely on my own instinct to make judgements that improve my quality of life. My goals are huge and attainable. I have a dream of becoming one of the top 5 spiritual gurus on earth, I want Deepakeepak to call me for answers and Eckhart to drop my name.  I have the intentional of becoming one of the greatest salesman in the the world. I have intentions of becoming the most in demand sales trainer on the circuit. I plan on becoming a legend. I am a rennisiance man and in my opinion amid high functioning autistic with a case of OCD and ADD mixed with genius. this unique combination makes me qualified to be my own guru and encourages me to lead myself by my example.


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