The next 3 weeks

I remain torn but not apart. The pace at which I see the future is not as steady as I want so I am at the mercy of the present and its interruptions. I have been digging into the life of Arnold Schwartzenagger through his book titled Total Recall. When I see his path that he took I am both inspired and discouraged. Inspired because I can see how it is possible to have a goal and achieve it. Discouraged because I have not put in place these same functions into my path. I know it is as easy as writing goals so What is taking me so long?

The next three weeks is a time for the ambitions and hopes of humanity to reasses thier efforts to improve the quality of life. Me, I have been a part of this tradition called New Years Resolutions. The ones I use is to get my body clean of toxins and in top shape relative to my age and athletic aspirations. For my business to be at a level of success that I do not worry about the future of my finances and have the ability to not let that fear cloud my judgement about the current negotiations. Where I can give my advise with no concern for the deal falling apart because of my brutal honesty as opposed to my salesmans honesty that is less opiniated and more judicial. Either one remains guided by my moral and fear of karma but the latter has me helping people get what they want regardless of thier poor judgement and my advise to the contrary.

Yes the next three weeks has me reflecting on the last three hundred and thirty days and projecting myself across the next three sixty five. What will I be? What am I now? Is there a difference? ONly my thoughts and my actions demonstrate my character. In this moment I am and nothing else. I can never be a different person. I can only have different  actions. If I am asking about the elemental than that would be how the physical self interacted with space through time. Each time I try to describe this dance along air I am imagining a body walking across a crowded room. As I pass a dodge, I and careful not to bump anyone but an accordion all graze. My energy and its quanta are affected in a smal and insignificant way but many times I am engaged in a conversation. This are the relationships that complete the purpose of having the five senses.

I want to have less fear. I want to fear less. I want to be fearless. I look to my senses to build an app, rather build on , the fearless app. I have the sense of hearing and music is the best way I know to get started in the construction and repair of the application. Just a worker turns on the radio before getting  to work I will press play on the playlist that will trigger that strength necessary for a fearless twenty seventeen. I would then begin to look for others who have what I desire or aspire to have a piece of. I will extract the ambition and confidence, focus and energy of a young Arnold Schwarzenegger. I will mix it with a dose of Donald Trumps  ability to not give a fuck about what other people think of him. because my biggest flaw is giving a fuck about what others think.

In my book Life There’s An App For That I talk about the boardroom. These are the trolls and haters that contaminate my efforts to remain in a state of flow. They are the friends and family and those we don’t know that criticize or give an opinion that makes an impact on my trajectory towards my intended outcome. This can happen both in business and pleasure. Arnold has a philosophy on icing a great life. If what you are doing right now is not giving you joy then don’t do it. Living in bliss and doing what you love. I would love to meet him to discuss flow and if he even knows of it.

I realize that my peculiar endeavor to discover an unlimited source of constant epiphany may not be for some. I am almost certain the it is so niche that there may only be a few seeking this form of entrepreneurial enlightenment. A place where a rennisseance man can blossom into a modern day michaelangelo. There are those revolutionairy individuals in our presence but finding them is far too easy now. The Internet has given each individual with a smartphone to be creative. I don’t know if this is good or not. The space is crowded and in many ways littered. The solutions to my problem would be to remain consistent and fearless with joyful and passionate tenacity.

These next three weeks will be spent on dabbling on reminiscence and projection  in a balancing act intended to keep the moment within reach.

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