The Prisms of the Mind Apps as best Described

By its own physical and psychological journey as well as the ideological route and or spiritual induced by socio-cultural sphere in which it operates, each of us is a plural. Move towards wholeness is aware of this multiplicity that is the uniqueness of each of us to accept and manage the best by refusing to amputate a part of our identity. The latter concept is operative only if it reflects the dynamic identity that makes us be plural in perpetual evolution.

Nourished by innate and acquired, our personality is multi-faceted, like that of a prism, diffracting the energy we produce and that which surrounds us in a beam of positive and negative forces. Then there exists in us all bright areas and dark areas, some of them sometimes the other according to our interests, goals and assign it to our actions, the circumstances of our daily lives and especially the how we manage our feelings. As the colors diffracted by a prism, the different shades of these are all necessary for our balance and enrich us as the many nuances enrich seasonal nature.

In conclusion I would say that our lives should not be measured in years but the number of “colors” and intensity of lived moments. One can indeed reach old age by having gone through a few of the nuances among those we offer the full range of mental prism or “mind prism”. So we must make the effort to explore and appreciate all the contrasts. This can only strengthen our resilience, tolerance, self-control and above all openness to otherness and listening to all feedback we receive from all else.

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