The Reason I became a Real Estate Trainer

For almost 20 years I have been an entrepreneur in the real estate businesses.  Throughout that period, I have diligently studied success by reading, attending seminars, listening to audio CDs and training material, as well as observing and analyzing the personal journeys to success (through trial and error) of myself and many others.

Combine that learning with a passion for excellence, and my life pursuit of first becoming a top producer and then coaching and teaching others to become top producers comes into clear view.  My passion for excellence was first forged by my mother and father who were also great real estate agents and even better motivational speakers (even thought their seminars were in our living room.)  Parents can certainly have an amazing positive impact on the life their children have in the future.  Mine endeavored to show me early on that a life lived through growth, personal development with excellence in clear focus, and not settling for less was one’s true objective.

I aligned this ingrained wisdom with my competitive nature forged through the industry to the professional level.  Becoming a professional speaker has been a passion for more than 18 years. It began when I met Anthony Robbins in Hawaii at a retreat my parents made me attend.  The pursuit and perfection of a top producing mindset, actions to create the edge in the marketplace whether in business or personal ambitions, then distilling that edge to make it available has caused countless hours of work and sleepless nights.  My belief is absolute that “Everyone deserves to be a the best they can be”; that this level of high performance is available to anyone; that I can take anyone to that level provided they have a high level of desire – to become a success.

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