Unable to Walk Away

I found myself unable to walk away

And I turn to see if she can,

She did.

Unable to cry I sit in the gutter,

Set aback by her disappearance how could she?

And moved by Segovia’s melody I shed a tear not out of fear

But how she disappeared

Swollen gland hurts to swallow

The mucous that coat my quivering neck

And my attempts to drown my worries in a 12-ounce bottle fail me once again.

Where is my friend?

Is this the end?

Not again.

Shivers run down my spine,

How I repine to use what is mine.

Devastated by the regrets of not leaving early

I fell in love.

Now I can only recall the good things that were shared,

How much I carried my soul was bared

I am scared

This shirt to which catches my tears must be burned

And what of my memory? What has she done to me?

Do I really hope she calls on me?

The burden falls on me.

What does she mean to me?

And the earth has no worth she was my birth,

I have a past that she had not lived

I have no more to give, so why do I live?

On my floor are the shoes, which held the feet that I caressed.

On my chair her clothes which I undressed

She reins the best

What if she dies?

Black are the skies

Which once were her eyes.

And recall

Beloved all

Shops here just might was almost a year

I must shed a tear

And I must and mind fear

Has it really ended? Did she mean it when she said it was?  You

What am I to do?

Who can I turn to?

Allied dad

Is a solid my head?

What will I write cannot be read?

Tomorrow is another day that brings with its labor the

But is it new? When yesterday’s left its pieces shattered on the morning floor

Can be swept?

Can be washed?

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